Sunday, April 25, 2010

Limestone Bouldering?

Aki and I spent the weekend camping on the property near Mackay and exploring lots of rock.
Here are some boulders we found, which were sharp but pretty bomber! I'd have a hard time committing to some of the high balls without testing the holds first... but maybe a ladder (or a rope), a brush or two and some crash pads?

Limestone cracks? Yeah!

Is that hold below the lip solid? I hope so!

Nearby is a spring with some amazing pictographs on the surrounding cliffs (not the boulders).


  1. i think i've heard rumors about this place. looks fuckin rad!

    lemme know if you need a spot dude!

  2. Rumors? Really? I think the Boise climbers would be pretty interested too! We should have a little boulder fest...

  3. Wow! Looks amazing. Is it isolated to just those dozen boulders or is there more? I'd love to go check it out sometime soon.

  4. Craig Hurst and I would like to head up there and give things a try on Sunday-Monday (2-3 of May). Would anyone be willing to show us around?

  5. Mike- it is basically those dozen boulders or so. There are a few that continue beyond what you can see, but not many. There are adjacent cliffs, some of which look descent for routes, but I don't think bolting or climbing on the cliffs is a good idea due to the pictographs. The area is signed as an archeology site and that is the last thing we need to be messing with.

    Corey- Look for "Big Spring" labeled on the map, outside of Darlington. I'll be guiding during that time, but do check it out. Send me some pics and I'll put them up on here. The rock is very sharp! You might need to detune a few holds, especially top-outs!

    Good Luck!

  6. Turn out I just got a day job offer for monday. Looks like our visit shall be postponed. When does it get too hot in that area? We still want to come!

  7. I'd say we have a couple more months before it gets too hot. Let's stay in touch, it'd be great to hook up with you and Matt T.