Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Chutes of Narnia

Here's a little video from mid winter. The light was terrible but it's worth a quick look. Enjoy.


  1. Nice, Marc! I think I was up there the next day and skied your first line plus a couple of others. From the tracks we saw that day, it looked like you had a fast, smooth run in the 2nd chute - confirmed watching the video!
    Too bad we couldn't put together a trip to the LRR before I left, but keep me posted on conditions. I'll make the drive if things get good.
    Heard Borah got skied, Saturday I think.

  2. Hey thanks Blase! Yea, too bad we didn't get to make any turns together this year... or climb some ice! Aki and I are headed over to the LRR this weekend. I give you the report and let you know what we found. What aspect of Borah got skied, do you know?
    Please stay in touch!
    Cheers, Marc