Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Berkeley bouldering

Heres some footage from Indian Rock, a few minutes up the street, its a long traverse with a short 4th class down climb to link the sections. I had to do a statistical analyses for my last math class. My requirements for the project were to measure or observe something(s) at least 30 times. So far I've done this traverse 28 times. I am measuring lap time, number of laps in a session and whether or not I fall, and if I fall, I record the number of falls and where. The hardest single portion of the traverse is v3, right at the end.

Hope you are recovering well, Marc. So I guess we are not climbing this Thanksgiving weekend? Ill carry everything to the crag if it helps.


  1. Yea Buddy! Indian Rock! This puts a big smile on my face... to get your post and to hear the homework side of it! Bitchin! Plus, I love the jazzy tunes!

    I am recovering well! I see the PT today at 8:30 and then the Dr at 10:00. I'll ride the bike, get my stitches removed, and hopefully get rid of my crutches! I might be able to do some mello climbing at Thanksgiving, we'll see. If not we'd still love to get together with you guys! I'll be in touch...

  2. After 32 trials my probability of success on the traverse is 84%, average lap time is 5.39 minutes, average # of laps is 2.4, most amount of laps without falls was 6(!), and my probability of falling is 16%.