Saturday, July 4, 2009

Shape Shifter

In an effort to keep things fresh I thought I'd upload a short clip of skiing from last winter. I know there are a few of you out there with pics of recent trips...  what are you waiting for? Post 'em! 

This particular day, Drew Daly and I headed up to Lightning Ridge in the Boulder Mountains just north of Ketchum. We had spied this line while returning from skiing the East Couloir of Lorenzo Peak. We encountered lots of steep rock and snow on the climb up, and a bit of variable conditions in the entrance to the couloir. Once in the meat of it though, the protected snow skied great. In the video you can see the tracks of a mountain goat cross the couloir. We never actually saw the guy, but his tracks lead into some incredibly exposed terrain. We called the line "Shape Shifter" because I'm pretty sure he transformed to a cloud and moved on to the next peak! Enjoy.


  1. Dude, why do always steal other route names, come on wheres the creativity?

    You south central climbers are all the same.

  2. Well, you named the line but then never climbed it, so I stole the name for something better!

    You So Cal calimbers are my inspiration!

  3. Ya, but you're the one that told me it was total choss, I think you just wanted the name, so you lied to me about the chossiness.


  4. Ya well you need to change the font color on this site, no ones reading your blog because no one can read it, its too dark.

  5. and your time is set to pacific time you nimrod

  6. You have some good points... there are a few technical details I need to work out. But! come one, now you are "Chachi"? Talk about lack of originality... there are at least 5 or 6 Chachis that I know! Can't you come up with some thing better! How about Nico Chach from Bitchnia???