Saturday, July 4, 2009

Limestone Paradise

Heather and I just returned from a month of climbing in the country of Croatia. I'll rehash these images from my blog page, so some of you may have seen these already.

We had an incredible time and climbed in some amazing and exotic locations. The people are friendly, the Adriatic Sea is sublime, and the climbing is incredible. Although we had a dream vacation, we are excited to be back home in Idaho with friends and chossy rock! I'm serious about that. Good stone is too easy to climb! I hope you enjoy the photos.

Thanks for inviting us to contribute to your blog! I sure like motivation and motivating people. I look forward to following stories and adventures from more like minded folks in our neck of the woods.
Dean Lords - East Idaho


  1. Dean- The rock looks incredible over there!
    How does it feel to be back in Idaho, where 80% of the rock is choss? That 20% though ends up being pretty darn good stone!

    Thanks for posting! Remember, it's a community blog, so I invite everyone to post at will!

    Cheers, Marc

  2. dude dean, the rock there looks way bad ass. especially the pictures of heather on that strange crack lookin thing. (the other ones of that are on your page i believe)
    yeah dude! let's hit it sometime!