Monday, January 18, 2010

the highline


  1. Sick Tom!!! Tell us more... how high/long?

    On another note... I did some pretty cool limestone cragging near Helena. You ever make it out to Hell Gate? It's a lot like the Fins... sick routes, some of which were done on gear!

    Send us a vid of the highline!

  2. that's actually my bro peter. (i'm still workin on gettin the 30 foot lines)
    it's roughly 110 feet across and 120 ish feet off the deck.
    no one has done it yet, and i think peter has gotten the closest (10 feet out). there is a big ledge a few steps out that adds to the intimidation factor as well as it's the exact distance below the line that the leashes are... teehee

    for more info click on the text in the post.

    never been to hell gate, but helena is much closer to bozeman than i thought... might have to check it out.