Thursday, December 24, 2009

Ice, Ice, Baby!

My knee has been healing well and I've managed to climb a few ice routes in the last week. With our thin and weak snowpack I've been more inspired to ice climb than to go on a tour. Maybe that will change when I get my new skis! Here are some pictures of Trail Creek ice. Drew brought his helmet cam out for the first time and we got a few photos from that. Look for some videos to come.

James killin' it in Rock Roll Canyon. This was his second day ice climbing ever and he's hooked!

We gotta come up with a good name for this flow. It's short, but really fun and I think there could be a mixed route or two out the cave. How about Mini Me?

A couple helmet cam pics.


  1. Nothing wrong with short! At least it's ice climbing, or any kind of climbing for that matter! Some of the famous routes on the Stanely Headwall (Canada) are short when compared to the approach!

    For years friends and i would make the long approach to the head of Rock Creek to climb single pitch ice smears. Funny, but those were some of the funnest routes i've done on Borah's north side. Some people laughed and said it wasn't worth it despite the fact they hadn't made the effort, but our smiles told a different story.

    Glad to hear your knee is allowing you to get out and enjoy yourself.


  2. Thanks Dean. As far as ice goes, we operate in such a bubble here. I can probably count on my fingers and toes all the ice climbers in the valley. So, I at least, have nothing to compare it to. But, you're right, the best climbers are the ones having the most fun! Did you get out to the LRR yet this year for ice/mixed climbing? We've got some incentive now: we set up a trailer/sheep wagon on my property in Mackay as a Basecamp!

  3. Mini Me? Stupid name. That's right...I said it.