Friday, August 28, 2009

End of Summer...

The days are getting shorter and the nights are cooler... I apologize for not posting anything new in the last month or so. Guiding has been extremely busy and I've barely had time to do the laundry and check emails! One of the great things about my work is the places it takes me! I've thrown together a few pictures from the last month of guiding in the Sawtooths. So here is a little compilation that hopefully will inspire a few to get into the high country before the summer is gone:

Warbonnet and the Cirque Lake Group.

Clients (11 year olds!) on the final pitch of Warbonnet - one of the best summit pitches in the Sawtooths!

The "floating block"! I'm always concerned about this thing... you basically walk across it as it spans the gap between the 2 summits of Warbonnet. You can see the contact point on the bottom right - it's about 12 inches that's holding this thing in place. The first time I climbed the route I avoided it all together, doing some 5.9 moves up and around it. This last time I noticed that the contact point had some scars on the right wall... it has moved in recent time! Wonder how long it will be there?

Beautiful Japan Peak (right) and Packrat Peak in the evening light of summer!

The Perch from afar.

Client Robert sending the second pitch (5.8) on the Mountaineers Route, the Elephant's Perch.


  1. you know you want to do it again...3 to 1!

  2. 3:1 ??? How many ropes you plan on bringing? I think you ought to climb it with one person and 2 ropes. Then tie them together and fix them to the summit, give everyone else some ascenders and let them jug to the top!