Monday, June 29, 2009

Channel Bouldering

Here are a few pictures of our local bouldering: The Channel. It's downstream of Magic Reservior, so when the farmers irrigate in summer, our bouldering becomes a kayak run. This season was particularly short, but we're looking forward to the fall session! Enjoy!

Erik Leidecker on the Tomahawk Traverse. This traverse is full value! Comparable to a 50' 11d/12a route the crux is where it counts, the finish!

Here I am working what I was calling the North Shore Crack in the fall of 2007. I didn't send that season, and it sat until the following year. Jeremy Scherer managed to nab the first ascent (like so many Channel problems) and named it the Dark Corner, in memory of a seat at the the bar Whiskey Jacques in Ketchum, which mysteriously burned down last summer. 

Jer getting some hangtime at Lower Barneyville. Chris Linder sent this sick dyno several years ago.

Can't wait for the Channel season to come around this year. Come on down and help us with the fall clean up!

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  1. how do you get there from twin falls